Stealing Lily

Logline: When a feisty farm girl runs off with a young outlaw, she soon discovers that true love comes at a high price.

Writer/Director: Kate Montgomery

Genre: Young Adult Romantic Action Adventure. Western. Adapted from the novel Lily by Cindy Bonner.

Available Materials: Pitch Deck. Screenplay. Budget. Shooting Schedule. Incentive package.

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“Lily is one plumb-dandy humdinger of a love story - a tale tailor-made for the movies.”

- The Washington Post, Book World

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Logline: The first Queen to rule England lived 400 years before Elizabeth I. The epic, often scandalous, action packed life of Aliénor of Aquitaine.

Genre: Medieval Action, Historic Fiction. Romance, Royal History

Creator: Kate Montgomery

Available Materials: Pitch Deck. Pilot Screenplay. Season Outline. Season Treatment. Bible. Budget. Incentive Package.


Friends With John

Logline: In an attempt to befriend a celebrity who’s filming in town, two ice-cream store employees concoct a dim-witted plan and inadvertently find themselves in a life or death situation. A dark comedy that blurs the line between “method” acting and insanity.

Creators: Delano Montgomery/ Evan Daves

Available Materials: Pilot Screenplay. Series Outline. Concept Pitch.

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Queer PLatonic

Logline: Two best friends — one biracial and queer, the other white and straight(ish) — navigate their way through mind-numbing jobs, bad sex, and quarter-life crises with the help of irreverent humor and good weed.

Creator : Emily Moore.

Available Materials: Pilot Screenplay. Season Outline. Series Bible.